A Christmas Carol Poster — Self Promotion

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A Christmas Carol

Black and white scratchboard illustration for “A Christmas Carol” poster.

I did this illustration for a poster that was used as a self-promotion. My business name and contact information was printed in the open space at the bottom, center of the drawing, and the theme of the poster was “Bustin’ Makes Me Feel Good.” Those words were in the ribbon below Scrooge were the words “God Bless Us Everyone” are now. There was also a Ghostbusters button on Scrooge’s lapel. I removed those elements that pertained to the Ghostbusters theme so the art would usable for any future “A Christmas Carol” projects.

I did this art around 1985 when the Ghostbusters movie was hot. The original art was 18 by 22 inches, which is large for a scratchboard illustration, and it took about two weeks to finish. I found models for all the characters, and I rented costumes. The model for the Scrooge character was my favorite. He was a sales rep that stopped by my studio one day, and when I saw him I new instantly he was perfect. It took some nerve on my part to ask him to pose as my Scrooge. You know? Most people don’t like to think they would make a good scrooge. Anyway, I asked and he was happy to do it.

This illustration was done when I was just getting into the woodcut look. It wasn’t done on a true scratchboard. It was done on an illustration board called, I think, Lincoat. It was possible to scratch off ink, but it was not easy to control. The scratching was limited to just cleaning up ragged ink lines.

Even though this was one of my earlier pieces and I hadn’t zoned in on my woodcut style yet, it’s still one of my favorite illustrations.

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