Abraham Lincoln Engraved Style Portrait

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Abraham Lincoln portrait

Black and white scratchboard illustration of Abraham Lincoln with his Illinois home in the background. This is a bust portrait of Lincoln with him looking forward.

This is a black and white scratchboard illustration with a woodcut look of President Abraham Lincoln. The illustration shows the bust of Lincoln positioned in front of his Illinois home and with him facing the viewer. The drawing was originally used in a newspaper advertisement for the Henry Ford Museum and was one of a series of four scratchboard illustrations.

This illustration was done over twenty years ago, and as I’m looking at the drawing now I’m wondering about the accuracy of the home. It doesn’t look like the home in Springfield, Illinois, that is now managed and cared for by the National Parks, so I’m assuming the client provided me reference for the home. I did a Google search for “homes of Abraham Lincoln” and I did find that the Springfield house started as a much smaller, single-story house. I’m guessing it was like a lot of homes that go through several stages of additions and remodels over the years.

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