Scratch board image of a turkey gobbler

wild turkey Gobbler Wild Turkey Gobbler Drawing

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Format: TIFF
File Size: 30.85 MB (uncompressed)
Dimensions: 17295 x 14925
Dimensions (in inches): 14.4" x 12.4"
Resolution: 1200 ppi
Bit Depth: 1
Color Mode: Bitmap


Wild Turkey Gobbler

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Drawing Info: Scratchboard illustration of a wild turkey gobbler, drawn by hand with a woodcut or engraving look. The turkey is turned at nearly three quarters view and has tail feathers fully fanned. The turkey's beard and snood can be clearly seen. The gobbler is a male turkey. Drawing was done with pen and ink on scratchboard. Original art is 14.4 inches wide by 12.4 inches tall.

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Wild Turkey drawing was originally used in an advertisement — used over 15 years ago.

Reproduction rights are available for the Wild Turkey illustration. The fee is based on how the image will be used, and the size and complexity of the original art. Get more info on repro rights.

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Scratchboard Illustration by Michael Halbert
PHONE: 636-349-1145 CELL: 314-775-5548
Copyright © Michael Halbert 2000



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