President Ronald Wilson Reagan

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President Ronald Reagan

Scratchboard Illustration of Ronald Reagan, 40th president of the United States.

This image is a hand-drawn scratchboard illustration of the 40th US president, Ronald W. Reagan. The original art is about 7 inches square.

I tried something different on this portrait. Instead of putting the parallel shading lines in by hand I used a Haff 705 Cross Hatching Machine.

That’s the name of the tool, but it’s not what I typically think of as a machine. What it is is a portable straight edge that has a mechanism built in that allows the edge to move down a specified distance each time a small lever is pushed. The distance the edge moves can be adjusted. I usually use about 1/8 inch spacing. This is an easier and less stressful way of ruling in the parallel line: not to mention, a much more precise way.

I think this experiment was successful, and this is how I intend to do all my portraits from this point on. The straight edges can also be switched with other edges such as a French Curve. These special edges will have to be rigged up with your own ingenuity. The company doesn’t sale specialized edges for the cross hatch machine. In fact, Haff has discontinued the 705 Cross Hatch Machine all together. The only way to get one now is to find one used. Try eBay.

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